Window Tinting

We offer our premium tinting services exclusively in-house in Idaho Falls. We will tint many vehicle types from cars and trucks to boats and more! All tinting must be done within legal specifications.

How It Works


We start by using our high-concentrate cleaning solution and a razor blade to clean each window of imperfections and debris. This will allow the film to adhere to the glass, forming a seamless bond.

Cut The Film

Next, we will take measurements on all the windows to cut the film precisely to fit. Ensuring the tint will cover the entire window leaving no holes for UV light to shine through.

Apply Film

Once we remove the protective side of the film, we use a diluted conditioner solution to wet the windows and apply the film. We will then specialty flat hand tools to squeegee the solution and air bubbles from under the film. This allows the film and the glass to form a secure bond.

Inspection and Dry Time

At this point in the process, our techs will review the job for any imperfections. Once the tint has passed quality control, we take the necessary precautions to ensure the windows in the vehicle do not get rolled down for 1 week. After one week your tint will be good to go on a film that’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Film information

We use top-of-the-line Madico’s Black Peral film that comes in 35%, 22%, 14%, and 4% (limo tint). All of our film, regardless of percentage, rejects 99% of UV light and is backed by a manufactures lifetime warranty. At Ritchie’s Auto Glass, we will tint your car to your desire within legal limits. Our techs have been trained and certified through the Window Tinting School of Trade.